Day One

by oldschoolrules

This is my first blog.  Thanks for visiting.  It’s taken me forever to get here, for a few reasons.

First, there’s this technology stuff.  I’m old school — pencil and paper and maybe a box of crayons with enough colors to include “Flesh,” which I found visually unappetizing as it was mildly offensive.  I mean, who has flesh that color?  Really?  But the truth is, I like to type, too.  There’s something hypnotic about letters skimming along, turning into words, while I’m not even looking at the fingers pushing buttons on my keyboard. 

I took typing in junior high school.  To do it, I had to drop Latin — which automatically bounced me out of the  Honors track — jump over College Preparatory and find my spot in Basic.  It was, in retrospect, one of the best moves I ever made, among countless moves.  I got to meet people I might never have known, and my world expanded instantly to include folks I might never have talked to, who took typing, just like me.   Typing served me well for years.  I remember the day I came to work and found a brand new IBM Selectric on my desk, and thought I’d arrived in Secretary’s Heaven, magically bestowed with the wings of an Administrative Assistant, never to call myself a Secretary again.

Years later, someone cautioned me, “If you want to be considered for a professional position, you’d better take typing off your resume.”  It was a terrifying move that worked; yet, when asked what I needed by my first secretary, my first requisition included two Selectrics — one for her, one for me.

But I never really figured out what those dots between keyboarding and computers were all about.  So, although I can type this blog at close to 75 w.p.m. without using spellcheck — I learned to spell before I learned to type — I have no idea what most of the language invented since computers means.  But, hey!  Old school rules include, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  So, this is my first try at this blogging stuff.

Enough for now… See ya later, alligator… and don’t forget to count your blessings.